New MTV Show Casting People Keeping a Big Secret

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to September 10 2015
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18-90 years old, M/F
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If so, a new MTV show would love to hear your story. If your secret has become a burden on your life and you have become exhausted playing along with the lie… it may be a great time to finally come clean and face the consequences.
The creators of Catfish: The TV Show are looking to help anyone ready to let go of a secret once and for all.
Do you have a secret that you have been keeping from a friend or loved one? Has this secret spiraled out of control, leading you to live a double life? Are you exhausted from covering it all up? Or just tired of living a life that feels like a lie? With the guidance of our team, we want to help you tell your friend or loved one what has really been going on in your life in a safe, supportive environment.
No more excuses. No more cover ups. We can help you finally be free of your secret.
If you are 18 or older and ready to release the weight of your deception, we want to help.
To apply for the show, please email the shows producers today. The show is casting nationwide.


The Audition is over. No applications accepted.
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