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Singers and musicians Auditions

We have had great success with many talented rappers completing a full album with hard work and dedication in joining our record label. We are still in need of more talented art...


TV Auditions

ZEE TV is coming up with its 2nd season of India’s Best Dramebaaz (an actor or actress specializing in drama). India’s Best Dramebaaz is focused on acting. Its a talent...


Movie auditions (full-length)

Audition for the Hindi feature film. Requirement : 1 Boy ( Dukhi Aatma type ) 1 Boy ( Kaminapan) 1 Girl ( Tom Boy ) 1 Girl ( Hot n Sexy ) 1 Girl ( Tall n Sexy )


Movie auditions (full-length)

This is a casting call for Fortis Healthcare Limited that operates its healthcare delivery services in India, Dubai, Mauritius and Sri Lanka. This is a great opportunity to get ...


Movie auditions (full-length)

Maa production looking for actress and actors for lead,parallel lead and chraracter roles for a bollywood movies Name: " ADALAT NEE INSAAF DIYA". Budget: Huge budget movie . ...


Selection for a vocal contest

If you have the talent we have the beats to push you to the next level. We are in need of vocalists to sing or rap. We have successfully pushed one artist to the top of his gam...


Runway models

Ready to rock the Ramp with Skywalk Entertainment. Do you have Modeling & acting skills to perform infront of camera. Skywalk Entertainment is proud to present you to the most c...


Movie auditions (full-length)

FILMS CATEGOR – A Green house movies details murder mystery trailer requirement lead role and character role age group 16 to 55 male and female.

Casting calls in the city are an important part of the entertainment industry. They provide actors, singers, dancers, and other performers with the opportunity to audition for roles in films, television shows, commercials, and other projects. Casting calls are also used to find extras and background actors for projects.

Casting calls are usually held in cities with a large entertainment industry presence, such as Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta. The casting call process typically begins with a casting director or producer posting a notice on an online casting website or in a trade publication. This notice will include the project’s title, the roles available, and the audition requirements.

Once the casting call is posted, actors, singers, and other performers can submit their headshots and resumes for consideration. The casting director or producer will then review the submissions and select a few performers to audition. The audition process typically involves a cold reading of a scene from the script or a song from the musical score. Performers may also be asked to demonstrate their dancing or singing abilities.

After the audition, the casting director or producer will select the performers who best fit the roles. The selected performers will then be contacted with the details of the project, including the shooting dates and locations.

Casting calls are an important part of the entertainment industry, and they provide performers with the opportunity to showcase their talents and gain valuable experience. It is important for performers to be prepared for a casting call, as it can be a competitive process. Performers should be sure to bring their headshots, resumes, and any other materials requested by the casting director or producer. Additionally, they should be prepared to demonstrate their skills and be professional and courteous throughout the audition process.

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