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to September 26 2015
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India India, Jaipur
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24-30 years old, M/F
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Director: Ankur Pajni/Piyush Sharma.
The E Project is a horror feature film to be shot in ruined forts of Rajasthan, India in the last two weeks of August, 2011.
It will be shot in complete documentary style. The actors will also be improvising all the lines in the film.
We will need the four leads for approximately two weeks, one for rehearsal and one on location in Jaipur. There is a minimum remuneration but applicable on the talent and experience of the artist/talent. Transportation costs and food will be compensated.
Because of the unique nature of the film and the need for absolute realism, the actors will probably be required to spend approximately 10 straight days of the shooting schedule in the woods and ruins, with no outside contact at all except with the crew. Anyone who finds any of these circumstances impossible to deal with should not waste their time or ours and skip this audition.
If you're still with us, let us tell you what we're looking for:
What we need are four people that can act so naturally and realistically that the audience will think they are actually watching a documentary. What we need are 'tasteful' actors and actresses. By tasteful we mean someone who can deliver just enough for the given scene without going overboard like a lot of improve artists do. Keeping it real is the highest priority.
please send your portfolios.
Character Sketches:
1. Male / 25-30 yrs.
Professional Profile - Cameraman - he is comical and intelligent, a believer.
2. Female - Screen age 24
Professional Profile - Assistant Producer. She is introvert and strong believer, runs on instincts and her quest for unfathomable questions often lends her in troubles. Should be proficient in English and Hindi.
3. Female Screen Age - 25
Professional Profile - T.V News Producer - She is bold, smart and Dynamic, Actor should churn out natural acting as the film revolves around real incidents as they occur. Should be proficient in English and Hindi


Role type
Looking for
Men or women age from 14 to 35 years old
The Audition is over. No applications accepted.
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