Кастинги for teens

Do you feel confident in front of an audience? Do you enjoy performing on the stage and appearing on camera? Congratulations! You definitely have some basics to achieve success as an actor, model, TV-show host and so on.

Casting Calls for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old is a precious opportunity to reveal the potential and learn the basics of interesting professions. Our site is a collection of recent Casting Calls from production centers, advertising agencies, music groups and other Industry Professionals who are looking for new stars and young talents for their projects.

Participation in TV series shooting, commercials of various products and services, short films, photo shoots for magazines, fashion presentations - this is not a complete list of projects and events a teenager can participate in.

If you have a great desire and want to try your chances in show business - don't think twice and apply for a Casting Call now! It's enough to find a suitable offer, read the descriptions and contact the Industry Pro.

We regularly publish Casting Calls for teens and offer only relevant information. If you haven't found a suitable option today, don't be upset - visit us more often and maybe tomorrow there will be exactly what you need.

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