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1475 days ago, City Honolulu

We are casting female and male models for a fashion retail project featuring women's clothing and accessories.

Location: Dallas...

Type of the project: Promoter
Payment terms: Unknown
Receiving profiles: October 02October 06
Requirements: from 22 to 50 years old men & women

Working as a promoter you get a great opportunity to test your communication skills and take part in advertising campaigns organized by various agencies and companies.

Perhaps you met young promoters in supermarkets: they usually offer some samples of products and communicate to potential customers. Also promoters are people dressed in fancy costumes, posing for everyone who would like to take a photo with them. Their main task is to promote a product or service directly at the point of sale.

Such job has a specific plan and certain requirements set by the employer. Beforehand promoters get trained and prepared. After that a popular crowded place with lots of potential customer is selected. There promoters are to interact with the target audience.

Promoter job offers are aimed at people aged between 18 and 25. Sometimes the requirements may differ, so it's a great opportunity for many people to get additional income. Such a job is especially interesting for students, as it is temporary and requires 3 to 6 hours of their spare time per day.

Among general requirements for candidates there are: neat look, clean and nice clothes, charming smile, good communication skills and pleasant voice. There may be additional requirements as, for example, being able to roller skate, depending on the project.

If you have all these qualities, you will be able to get a promoter of a promoter and earn some extra money. In this section we collected best offers from agencies and companies with detailed descriptions. Select an appropriate option!

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