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Audition, ID: 512
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to June 30 2015
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India India, Mumbai
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1-90 years old, M/F
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The Audition is over. No applications accepted.

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Top acting and modeling auditions available for films,regional movies,top modeling for freshers and top models in MUMBAI
Get paid photo-print shoots fashion shows and other entertainments,t.v commercials,brand and product advertisement,casting services for serials and movies.
- Age binding are not there provided overall personality-looks-figure is matching modelling standards and requirement
- Skin and face should be clear without any scars,moles,injury marks or any kind of allergy.
- Must be comfortable in all dresses
- If you don't have a portfolio then we required face and figure clear images.
-Must be cooperative,adjustable and flexible with the expectation levels fully
- Selection is done after personal meetings with our company coordinators.Approval is subject to mutual acceptance of terms and conditions
Many newcomers looking modelling agencies in Mumbai will lure you to help you to become a successful model but we don't want you to loose either money or dream. Many so-called agencies only exist to sell you model portfolios and make money and not to be seen again, without providing you any work. We will guide to avoid traps the pitfalls to stay safe. Today all information can be gathered initially on paper when you find top modelling agency in Mumbai . We will also plan some practical work career promotions for you to work and reach top. We won't tempt and misguide you into the fact that you can achieve modelling jobs for sure but to try to start modelling career in Mumbai is your ultimate dream then keep your feet on the ground and be ready to work hard.


The Audition is over. No applications accepted.
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