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Audition, ID: 1492
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to September 21 2015
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India India, Mumbai
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1-90 years old, M/F
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The Audition is over. No applications accepted.

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if you are a seriously interested one to get in to modelling advertising nd film industry. you can participate in our home production events like fashion shows beauty pageants .. we do tvc, print ads.. catalogue shoots. foot shoots.. production shoots nd many more...
ARE you SERIOUSLY interested in acting & modeling ? Want your recognise in film & fashion industry??. want to shine in print & electronic media?? We are here get your recognition !!. yes its true with us. we are organising back to back fashion shows & Beauty pageants for fresher male/ female/ kid model actor aspirants like Prince & princess Bangalore, karnataka, South India, Mr. & Miss karnataka & South india etc.. these are all a very good flatform to make your name & fame. our shows will be tecasting in almost all Tv channels & News will be in print media. so many of our models are now working in film & fashion industry. to name a few : Miss PYLS Chaitra (Princess karnataka-2013) heroine for film 'DK' (kan)
PYLS Shilpa manjunath- Miss karnataka-2014- really shows- LIFE SUPER GURU - DANCING STAR etc.. doing leads in several south Movies. PYLS Sonal banergy, Ashwini gowda - 'ONDU ROMANTIC CRIME STORY' (kan). Rageshwari mahanta - HEY DIL RAMTA JOGI (hindi) PYLS Rakshita- Raj vardhan- MASTER MIND- (kan) PYLS puneeth - RAJADHANI 2 - (kan), Jyoti -HOGENAKKAL -(tamil) PYLS Neha saxena - JUST MADVELI (kan)


The Audition is over. No applications accepted.
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