We just started. Who we are and why we do this.


Each person has something special inside. To find a way and discover the talent, they need a chance to show themselves. We wanted to make an open and free service for novice and professional actors, models, singers and dancers. Which might be involved in the casting calls and auditions without any charges. 

Our way lies through 3 years of development and testing, and we are still working on our website. You can help us to grow! just register and share with your friend your profile. As soon we have more users online, we will get more casting calls and auditions in list.

Join Us! It's free!

Published:February 08 2014 17:50
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Alisa Kichatova
Check your mail ...
Alisa Kichatova
It's easy !!
This is great free is always the best way I hope you succeed I will do what I can to spread the word, good luck and thanx for the help
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