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I'asiah Marshall
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I'm a bubbly, exciting, goofy teenager, I'm funny when I'm not trying to be, and I'm really open. But, that's pretty much just the top coat, what you see before you know me. The more important things, the things on the inside are that I can understand people on a deeper level, (which makes me be able to connect more with a character) I'm someone that's always there to help. I'm ambitious, determined, and I won't give up on anything or anyone when I need to. I'll go through the most just to get something I want, I mean, if you want something, work for it. I like dancing, rapping, and art. Sure, sometimes I sing, that doesn't mean I'm good at it, though. But just for fun. I'm always making up a dance to a song that has something that draws me to it, like the beat, or the meaning. Speaking of drawing, I do a lot of that in my free time as well. I honestly think I'm pretty good, actually. I love all kinds of art, drawings, sculptures, everything. My dislikes? Not a lot actually. I dislike when people are cocky, or think everything will be handed to them on a silver platter. Also, even though this is totally irrelevant, but it's a dislike, I have misophonia, like if you chew in my ear, it summons some type of inner demon. That's really all that I don't like. I'm interested in whatever is, well, interesting. If it has to do with art, performing arts, or its something I find unique, I'll be there. What motivates me, you ask? Its simple, I have about four important motivations. First, my mom. She's been there for everything, win or lose. She is there to support me, especially when it comes to anything related to my acting dream. Secong, my best friend. She's been there for me for 5 years, through thick and thin, and always helps me up when I'm down. Third, my conscience. The part of me that's ALWAYS helping me up, 24/7. If anybody motivates me, its myself. I don't know, I have this wierd poet in the back of my mind that always has something inspirational. Next,its art. Drawing or decorating things depending on what's on my mind. Finding a monologue that fits my mood or thoughts. Through dance. And all the time, when everything's going through my head, I just vent onto paper and write a rap.
I love drawing, or finding something artistic to do. I usually draw something on my mind, or a cartoon when I'm bored, or even figure out how I can decorate something and give it a pop, or i'll create something out of nothing. I'm also a fan of dance. I make up dances, and I'll stay in my room all day going over that dance. Its usually a hip hop dance, unless a song speaks to me, it can get inspirational. Also, I rap. I'm bored, but my mind's racing. I just take out my notebook and pencil, and just go. It gets really easy to "spit rhymes" when I'm thinking a lot. I write sometimes, I write stories, poems, sometimes even a script. Now, from what you've heard, you probably think I'm a weird, yet creative, kid who stays inside all day, everyday, that doesn't get out. But, I was just getting to that. Of course, like every other teen, I go to the mall, a friends house, spend a day downtown. I go out with family a lot, and the movie theater is pretty much a regular. I'm also thinking about starting to go to theatres and watch some plays, maybe audition for a few to build up my resume.



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